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When I moved into my current home, I was more than a little disappointed with the master bathroom. This small restroom resembled a dark cave more than it did a spa retreat. After nearly 10 years of saving money, my husband and I are almost ready to get the master bathroom of our dreams. We are planning to hire a remodelling contractor. This professional will give us the more spacious bathroom we need. We will be replacing our bathtub and shower combination with a separate walk-in shower and a soaker tub. We are also replacing our one sink with two sinks. On this blog, you will learn how a remodeling contractor can give you a spa retreat in your master bathroom. Enjoy!

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Add Beauty To Your Home With Moulding And Trim

Simple rooms have their own elegance. However, mouldings and trim help finish a room. Moulding and trim can be used simply to add elegance or to create a transition between different types of areas. Add deliberate custom moulding and trim to your rooms to create both distinction and beauty.

Use Crown Moulding in the Living Room

Moulding can elevate your living room into a chic space. Crown moulding is designed to flare out to a finished top edge, which creates a graceful profile. Have contractors install crown moulding along the seam between wall and ceiling to create shadow detailing to your room. Such detailing adds balance and definition to the space, making your living room appear more finished.

When choosing your crown moulding, Better Homes and Gardens suggests paying close attention to scale. Wide crown moulding may look impressive as a sample, but it can overpower a smaller room. This is especially true if you're planning on adding wainscoting or other trim.

Include Wainscoting

Wainscoting is designed to cover part of a wall with wood paneling. For the living room, consider adding high wainscoting along with crown moulding. High wainscoting covers more than half the wall, thus formalizing the feel of the room. Choose a classic color for the actual wall paint, such as navy or cream. Use the painted areas to showcase works of art.

Wainscoting is also very traditional for a formal dining room. In this case, the paneling should be just above chair height. Beaded board is traditional for this space, but wainscoting can also be customized with trim.

Try Box Beams in the Porch

If you're thinking of screening in your porch, consider adding box beams to the remodel job. Contractors use sections of lumber to create distinctive tubes or boxes. Such a construction grounds the ceiling. Box beams are optimal for a screened in porch because that grounding helps create the transition between indoors and outdoors. Porches tend to be casual spaces, so opt for a simple box beam style.

Use Box Beams as Dividers

Open house plans have become increasingly popular. There's something to be said for all that open space. However, such plans do make it tricky to designate spaces.

Box beams can create distinct spaces without actually enclosing an area. For instance, if you have a combination kitchen and dining room, have a single line of wide box beam installed along the invisible transition line. The box beam doesn't hinder the flow of the space, but it does create a visual distinction between working and dining.

Moulding and trim are a worthwhile investment to add value to your house. Go to websites online to find different moulding options for beautifying to your home.